Arsenal Team 2014/15

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5000 twitter followers!!!

THANK YOU ALL 😀 I’m humbled 🙂 I’ll continue making wallpapers and other graphics for you!


As a thank you, here’s the fixture list for your wallet! Just head over on Google Drive and download either Word document, PDF file or only the jpeg image of it 🙂 Link is here

and this is how it looks

fixtures wallet

Puma ft Arsenal

Felt inspired by Puma video, and had to do this!
Here’s the video

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World Cup


Here I’ll put all my World Cup schedules, wallpapers and printed versions as well.

Printed version is here!! It’s in size A3. I didn’t bother with kick off times so everyone can use it, no matter which time zone they are. Little disclaimer, match between Ivory Coast and Japan is on 14th in local time, but that’s after midnight in UK/Croatia/India/Japan etc, so I put it as if it’s on 15th. You can see how it looks below, and you can go download JPEG and PDF file.


brazil-print (1280x905)

HRVATSKAAAA 🙂 Malo za naše 🙂 Satnica je po našem vremenu. Ima i Facebook cover i Twitter header za navijače.


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Facebook cover


Twitter header


These two are available in more sizes, just click on the one you like 🙂 brazil2560x1440 (1366x768) brazil-calendar2560x1440 (1366x768)

All of these (just like all my wallpapers) are free to use and print, but if you like my work A LOT, you can leave me a donation via PayPal on gooner.roza(a) 🙂 Thank you!



Here are some fun graphics I did for this glorious event and with hopes we stay on Wembley as long as possible 😛 Feel free to download and use 😉

Facebook Cover

Facebook Cover



Twitter header

Twitter header