Who Am I?

Hello world!


  Name’s Anita, but most people know me as Roza or Arsenalofka.

 I’m 22(23 in March) and I live in the most beautiful country in the whole world, Croatia.  There’s no other place like it  😀  I love the climate, the nature, the people, the state of mind, awesome athletes and national pride.

Yes, I’m still a student.  I study IT and organization on Faculty of organization and informatics in Varaždin, Croatia.  I don’t find myself doing something too much related to the field I’m studying, but it is a big help.

When I’m not online (which is rare!), I do many different things.  I have a big family, mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, lots of cousins, and I spend my time with them during weekends, with brother during week too because we study together.  Both him and my sister are younger than me.  But, my favorite person and love of my life is my Manchester United supporting boyfriend 🙂  Almost 3 years now, through thick and thin, we even survived them bashing Arsenal 8-2  -.-


You could say I’m a social network addict. I see a social network, I create an account. 

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I love being alone, and when that happens, there has to be music.  I like to say my fave kind of music is happy music.  It’s the likes of indie rock/pop/punk, Irish music, ska, really random stuff.  You can see Iron Maiden and Britney Spears next to each other on my playlist.  You can add me on LastFM.

RoZzZaAa's Profile Page

My taste in music transfers into my taste in tv shows and movies. From easy chick-flicks to thrillers and fantasy TV shows.  My ultimate favorites are Scrubs, Friends and Supernatural.  Movies are harder to pick, but I love Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Bruce Willis, so you get the picture.  To see what I watch, follow me on GetGlue.


Of course, it’s not all about electronics, I adore reading.  I read at least a book a month.  My taste in books is quite specific.   All-time favorite writers are Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nick Hornby and Jo Nesbo.  I read all of their books and loved each one of them.  Lately I’m into intense crime books like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series and of course Nesbo’s Harry Hole series.  Highly recommended.  Check all my books on awesome Goodreads.


What else?  Oh, I LOOOVE cooking!  I really enjoy chopping things and frying them up haha 😀  From time to time I do some DIY projects, take photographs or, hey, edit photos 🙂

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