Minion Gooner!

Made this for my desktop 😀 How do you like it? I LOVE minions!!! Scroll down for new stuff!


1366×768   1920×1080   1280×800    tablet (1024×1024)   tablet (2048×2048)

** If none of these fits you, hit me up on Twitter! @arsenalofka

** UPDATE **

Avatar, Facebook cover and Twitter header 🙂 (click for full size)

minion gooner avatar minion gooner tw

minion gooner fb

*** UPDATE ***

Minion gooner in away kit!! YAY!

minion gooner away1366×768(above), 1920×1280, 1920×1080, 1280×800, tablet(1024×1024), tablet(2048×2048), iPhone, iPhone5


minion gooner away avatar


minion gooner away tw


minion gooner away fb


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