Arsenal in my room

Today I made a little DIY project that made want to brag a bit haha 😀
SO, my dear boyfriend got me a clock mechanism for birthday. I was saying for ages that I want to make my own watch, and he grant me that wish 🙂 It came with numbers, but I got an better idea minutes after I opened it 😀 The idea was to put Arsenal shirts with numbers worn by legends instead of usual clock numbers. I googled and googled, no nice photos. So I asked mr Greg Birch, who has amazing Arsenal shirt collection, to allow me to use his photos for my clock. Some measuring and cropping later, i got this:


Yes, I cheated a bit with Henry shirt, but I wanted him on clock! 😀

Today I printed it out, cut the shirts and put it all together on the wall. This is how it looks now!


Then I thought, there’s a lot of empty space underneath, so I made this 😀 Made out of plain printing paper and some make up haha



And now the rest of the room with Arsenal memorabilia.

08042013974 08042013975 08042013976 08042013979

What do you think? Have you Arsenalized your room? 😀



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